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Sanding the Plate – The Chapel Bromyard

Between 10th and 18th September 2016, as part of h.Art, Herefordshire Art Week there will be a significant exhibition by six local artists at The Chapel in Bromyard, Details shown below followed by biographies of the six participating artists.

bromyard h.Art exhibition

Artists’ Biographies

Niel Bally

Niel Bally

Niel Bally: Niel studied fine art at the Ruskin in Oxford and at West Surrey College of Art in Farnham.

He has lived and worked in London, Mexico and South Africa. But in 1997 he returned to Wales to set up home and studio near Talgarth where, in partnership with his wife Sue, he runs a programme of art courses known as Art Courses Wales.

He is a painter who has worked in a variety of ways broadly within the themes of still life, landscape and figure. He has held a number of solo exhibitions and been selected for group shows including the RA Summer Exhibitions, Royal Watercolour Society, Royal Portrait Society, Royal West of England Academy, National Eisteddford Wales, Hunting Art Prize Awards, Brecknock Museum and various galleries in London, UK and abroad.

His work was first shown at The Chapel, Bromyard earlier this year in The Land We Hold Dear.


Rae Harrison

rae harrison

Rae Harrison: Rae used to work as a sociologist/lecturer, and then counsellor at Birmingham University.

Following early retirement in 1992 she studied Fine Art and Art History at Ludlow College, afterwards gaining a Higher National Certificate at Hereford College of Art and Design.

Perhaps stemming back to working in London in the late 1950’s Rae has been intrigued by abstraction, enjoying its freedom and ambiguity.

Initially her work was semi­-abstract but recently she has enjoyed the challenge of working in the abstract, often using mixed ­media and collage. “Sometimes I begin with a stored memory of an abstract image; then I experiment with shape, tone, texture, line and colour to create an interesting composition.”

In 2004, Rae founded Abstract Edge, a group of like­-minded artists, who meet monthly to review work in progress. Rae has exhibited locally on the Welsh Borders and also in Birmingham, Hereford, Leominster, London, Ludlow, Newtown, Shrewsbury and Telford.

Pippa Meddings

Hyacinths by a Window - Pippa Meddings

Pippa Meddings: Working experimentally in acrylics and watercolours, Pippa tries to capture the spirit of a plant through translucent glazes, loose expressive strokes and drawing back into the surface she has created to introduce detail.

Some paintings also include still life elements: vintage vases and hints of treasured textiles, inviting the viewer to look more closely.

Pippa originally worked as a Footwear Designer in London, after gaining a degree in Footwear and Accessories Design from Cordwainers College at London College of Fashion. Before this she went to Herefordshire College of Art and Design.

A much anticipated return to Herefordshire after nearly a decade in London gave her the opportunity to develop her artistic practice.



Vivienne Sole

vivienne sole

Vivienne Sole: Returning from a career in Education in the Far East, Vivienne studied Fine Art at Hereford College of Art and now exhibits locally and throughout the UK.

Her life events and experiences have provided the inspiration for her art. When a close family member developed Alzheimer’s Vivienne found her work provided an outlet for thoughts and emotions associated with illness, grief and loss. The themes have since expanded in her work to include issues that relate to us all: love and loss, war and suffering, isolation and vulnerability, and most recently “dislocation” as families are shattered when they become refugees leaving home and homeland.

Painting, print and photography have gradually given way to works which are predominantly three dimensional. Using paper cuts, collage and assemblage to book art, sculpture and installation, the works have increasingly shown her passion for selecting materials which relate directly to the subject.

She sometimes uses non-traditional materials such as textiles, wax, wool, soap and hair. “Found” objects and clothing that carry a memory of their own, can prove a poignant starting point. She likes to create an atmosphere of calm, exhibit a lightness of touch and make quiet statements which might lead to contemplation and reflection.


David Spurrier

david spurrier

David Spurrier: A member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and Kidderminster Art Society, David Spurrier’s paintings and prints have their origins in urban or rural landscape, maps or the materials that make up the landscape, rock, stone, woods etc.

The paintings are mainly mixed media using collage, charcoal, pastels, graphite and various water based paints and inks.

The prints are all original pieces produced from collagraph, drypoint or carborundum plates, or a combination of techniques.

Some pictures are quite representational whilst others have a more abstract form exploring, emphasising or simplifying shape, colour and texture.

He finds achieving more abstract images to be the most satisfying, freely improvising the spontaneous effects that emerge without losing the sense of place and the impact of the original subject.


Phone: 01299 896643

Jane Tudge

jane tudge

Jane Tudge: Jane’s first job after school was Archives Assistant at the County Record Office. That official memory house proved influential to her current practice.

She is interested in those things that cannot be readily seen: memory and loss; shadows; the workings of the mind, often combining imagery of what is physically around her with her own internal landscape.

Her practice is process driven – tracing, then sculpting in wax, and the ensuing burying and finding of the image in pigmented wax – it resonates with the mechanics of memory and thought.  These are what she calls her physical photograms.

She graduated in 2006 with a first class degree in Fine Art from Hereford College of Arts.

Her work is in national and international private collections and the Women’s Library.  She has been selected for numerous Art Prizes and Opens including the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2015, the National Open Art Prize 2014 and Drawn, The Royal West of England’s Drawing Open 2013, as well as their Autumn Open Exhibitions and the Ludlow Summer Exhibition of Contemporary Art Opens.

She has had four solo exhibitions since graduating, the most recent of which was I saw this and thought of you, at three, BPN, Birmingham, 2013.

She has just moved to her new open studio gallery in Bromyard which you are very welcome to visit.


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